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Discovering SIM owner details in Pakistan has never been easier or more reliable. Our SIM database online by “Pakdata CF” offers a seamless and trustworthy method to access ownership information for any Pakistani SIM number from anywhere. Our online platform is user-friendly, requiring no installation process or specific devices, and it's entirely free to use. Simply input the CNIC card number or SIM mobile number into the designated text field, and you'll promptly receive the desired information. Please note, for retrieval of SIM system information, the SIM card must be registered with PTA.


How does Pak Data cf works for you?

Are you fed up with unwanted calls or receiving threatening messages on your mobile phone? If so, finding sim owner details about the SIM card holder is crucial. Our online platform offers a solution for obtaining sim information related to a specific SIM or CNIC number, providing comprehensive details about SIM ownership. Pak Data CF operates as an SIM database online tracking system, enabling users to trace various details associated with numbers in Pakistan.


What is Pak Data cf?

It offers comprehensive sim owner details regarding mobile SIM ownership, primarily for tracking and tracing purposes. Pakdata CF provides this service free of charge, enabling users to search for lost or stolen mobile phones or SIM cards using our live tracker info tools. This service is powered by Pakdata CF, aiming to simplify access to the SIM database online. Our Pak Data CF tool is accessible without requiring any registration or login procedures. The “Pakdata CF” website ensures the provision of authentic and precise information within the SIM database online for all registered SIM cards in Pakistan.


How to use Pak Data cf on your device?

Utilizing the “Pakdata CF” website and accessing our 'Pak Data CF' info tool is the simplest and most convenient method to acquire SIM owner details through tracking. All that's required is the mobile number or CNIC card number of the individual, coupled with a stable internet connection on your device. Our 'Pak Data CF' system is compatible with various devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and Apple devices, ensuring accessibility across multiple platforms.

To effectively use our platform, follow these steps:

  • Visit our official webpage: Open your preferred browser, enter our website's address in the URL bar, and press enter to access the homepage.

  • Enter the mobile number or CNIC: Once on the homepage, select the 'Pak Data CF' info tool and proceed by clicking on it. Enter the mobile number or CNIC for which you seek sim owner details linked to the specific SIM card.

  • View the results: Upon clicking the 'search' button, without any delay, detailed SIM owner information will promptly appear on your device screen. The information includes the name of the SIM owner, exact address, cellular network operator, identity card number, as well as details of the last recharge. Additionally, you may gain access to the call and text history of the SIM owner.


Advantages of using Pak Data cf

Pakdata cf is intended to provide a single place to view and analyze all the data of persons in Pakistan including all the information related to sim ownership. The advantages of utilizing the sim data Pakistan by Pakdata CF website to access Pak Data CF for retrieving sim owner details for any mobile number are as follows:


No Cost Involved

A primary benefit of using the “Pakdata CF” is its provision of all info tools completely free of charge. This includes access to the SIM database online, CNIC system information, Live tracker tools, Pak Data CF, and Pak Data GA, without the necessity of purchasing any subscription.


Authentic Information

Pak Data CF ensures users receive the most precise and updated sim owner details sourced from the SIM database online. It furnishes information about all registered SIM cards across various network operators in Pakistan. Our system aggregates data from the government regulatory body, 'PTA' (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), responsible for managing and overseeing sim ownership details.


User-Friendly Interface

Sim Data Pakistan has designed its system with adaptable features, making it easily navigable for both IT novices and experts. Using Pak Data CF or other tools is intuitive, requiring minimal learning curves. Users can swiftly enter specific information to retrieve details for tracking any mobile number in Pakistan.


Limitation for using Pak Data cf

Although there are several positive aspects of utilizing the “Pakdata CF” website and its search engine tools, it's important to consider some limitations within their system:


Limited Information

The system may offer restricted information concerning mobile numbers or identity cards due to privacy policy constraints, ensuring the protection of individuals' personal details.


Potential Errors

There might be instances where our SIM database online contains inaccuracies. It's advisable to verify the information before making any decisions based on the provided SIM owner details. As our data is sourced from various channels, disparities or errors may occur.


Legal Constraints

Utilizing Pak Data CF for illegal activities or any criminal purposes without consent is strictly prohibited. The SIM database online should only be used for verification or to authenticate mobile numbers. Users must exercise caution and use the information from Pak Data CF responsibly and ethically.


Respect for Privacy

We strongly encourage users to respect the privacy of others and refrain from misusing the provided information. Avoid any form of harassment or misuse of information acquired from Pak Data CF. We uphold a strict policy to safeguard the rights and secure usage of our data. However, PakData CF has the capability to swiftly trace any SIM data, providing you with a tracking number within seconds.



In summary, the official website of “Pakdata CF” provides the "Live tracker" service to all Pakistani citizens, completely free of charge, accessible from any city and at any time. Utilizing the information tools available on the “Pakdata CF” website not only saves time but also eliminates any associated costs, as there are no charges for accessing their online platform and retrieving sim owner details for any mobile number from the SIM database online. Additionally, they offer live tracker tools, facilitating the tracking of stolen or lost SIM cards or mobile phones. Moreover, the platform includes a person tracker tool to trace individuals, catering to both individual and corporate needs.

About PakDataCF

PakDataCF is a leading online platform that provides reliable and accurate tracking and verification services in Pakistan