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Pakdata CF offers Pak Sim Data which provides you with the required sim information for any registered sim number only in Pakistan. Pak Sim Data provides the complete details for sim ownership including the name of the owner, sim number, and other relevant sim details. What to do if an unknown mobile number disturbs or annoys you continuously? For sure, you want to know the sim details of that unknown person. Then you have come to the right choice, just click on Pakdata CF, to find out the sim owner details.

How Can I know Sim Owner Details?

A sim card is an important chip that contains important details of a person who owns it which is issued by some mobile service providers or companies. The general sim information included is the name and address of the owner of the sim, their phone number along with the serial number of that issued sim card, and the most important CNIC number, through which it gets registered by PTA.

However, such details are kept by the provider companies and other regulatory authorities, just to track the sim ownership in case of any fraud or inconvenience. Thus, Pak Sim data by Pakdata CF provides you with all the information about sim owner details for the sake of good.  On the other hand, such sim information is necessary to keep by the regulatory authorities for the purpose of safety and security reasons including usage of mobile phones in a country.

Who we are Pakdata CF

Pakdata CF provides a powerful tool for helping find the sim owner details throughout Pakistan. Pak Sim Data is a multiple-purpose tool that gives several services to its users with just one click using sim database online. The following are some of the services we provided to fetch sim information

Sim information system

It provides a tool to fetch sim ownership details, by which you will be able to find out the name of the sim owner along with their other important details for the network they are using our sim database online.

Pakdata Cf to fetch location

It also facilitates another amazing tool known as live tracker, which you can use to locate a lost or stolen cell phone or even a person via tracking services, which are free of cost for you juts by Pakdata CF.

How Can I check my Sim Details in CNIC?

Pak Sim Data also provides a tool for searching the CNIC information system of any citizen, as sim cards are registered through CNIC numbers by PTA. Thus, it allows you to check sims on CNIC.

What are the details of number on sim card?

Our website, Pakdata CF, aims to provide the best of services by keeping our quality standards high without any doubts about retrieving sim information. We do provide high-quality content through our website by giving additional value to our users. Moreover, we do care for customer's privacy and assure security for our users by providing advanced end-to-end encryption. Therefore, Pakdata CF provides complete safety measures for our loved customers.

Can I know on whose name is Sim registered?

What are you looking up to for searching number details for an unknown number? Then Pak sim data is the best option for you to locate unknown numbers for retrieving sim owner details. We offer the most reliable source for searching the sim owner details for those numbers that disturbed you.

We offer a free search engine, through which you can track sim information system for any numbers in Pakistan only. By using our sim database online, within seconds you can explore the sim owner details whom you are curious about.

One of the best features offered by Pakdata CF  is that you can access our website from anywhere, any part of Pakistan with no limitations. One just needs an active internet connection and a device for this purpose. Moreover, keeping in view customers' privacy and safety, we use a more advanced level of encryption, so therefore our user's data will not be able to suffer from cybercrime.


Pakdatacf provides another grand feature which is a live tracker by which a person can easily Live tracker the name and address of their required sim cardholder who is registered by the authorized organization of Pakistan. It is a real-time information tool that helps you to search for your lost or stolen cell phone, even you can search locations for your loved ones by person tracker. How to use this tool? One just needs to enter the IMEI number of the sim card, then you will have the details including the name of the owner and their address.

About PakDataCF

PakDataCF is a leading online platform that provides reliable and accurate tracking and verification services in Pakistan