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Pakdata CF, accessible by hyperlink: https://pakdatacf.com/. Our main aim is to keep our visitor's data private and secure for using sim database online. This document includes the Privacy Policy by Pakdata CF, which is how they keep the record and use of the user's data provided by visitors to our website to get sim information. If you want to inquire more about our terms for the Privacy policy, contact us through our email freely without any hesitation.

However, these Privacy Terms apply to only our online activities and are valid for only those visitors who visit our website concerning the sim owner details they took or provided on Pakdata CF.


By using our website, you have agreed to consent to our Privacy Policy and its Terms and Conditions for using Sim database online to get sim owner details.

Information collected from Visitors

The sim information that we asked for upon visiting our website Pakdata CF, and the reasoning for collecting that information. This information includes the personal, such as your name, phone number, email address, the contents or attached information, that one sends, and other sorts of information that one shares. Users can also fetch the same information along with location using live tracker.

Moreover, when someone switches to an Account on our website, we may ask for information that includes the Name, Email address, Company name, contact number, and address.

How we use Given Information

The information that we gathered, we will use it in the following ways

·         For maintaining, and operating our website

·         For improvement, personalization, and expansion of our website

·         For analysis and understanding of how someone uses our website

·         For adding new features, options, and functions to our website

·         For sending Emails

·         To find and prevent Fraud

To, directly and indirectly, communicate with our visitors through our partners, or for the sake of customer services, for information regarding updates to the Pakdata CF website, including marketing and promotional purposes.

Log Files

For using log files, Pakdata CF uses a standard protocol. When someone visits a website to get sim owner details, these files automatically log in. Including all other hosting websites also do this and other parts of hosting analytics regarding this perspective. The information that is gathered by the Log files includes the IP (internet protocol) address, Type of Browser used by the user,  ISP (internet service provider), exact time & date stamp, number of clicks and exit pages, etc. However, these are not linked to any other kind of personal information identifiable. The only purpose for collecting this information is for the sake of analyzing the trends, tracking the users, and for demographic information and movement on the website.

Google | Double-click Dart Cookie

On our site Pakdata CF and Sim database online, Google is the third-party vendor, which uses cookies known as Dart cookies. It is to serve for posting ads, for our site visitors, that is based on the site and many other sites on the internet. You can decline to choose the use of Dart cookies.

Privacy Policies | Advertising Partners

Privacy policy for each of our advertising partners you may consult the list to find for live tracker. Moreover, technologies like Javas or Web Beacons are used by Third-party ads for advertisement or server ad purposes that are linked by Pakdata CF to send on your browser for the interests of advertising to use live tracker.  Thus, when this happens, the site will automatically receive your IP address. While such technologies are just used for, measuring the effectiveness of the advertisements that someone sees when they visit the website on their browser.

Note: Pakdata CF has no control over these types of cookies for advertisement by the third-party source.

Privacy Policies  | Third Party

Pakdata CF privacy policy however does not apply to other advertisers or websites. Thus, we are suggesting you carefully consider the privacy policy of the third-party servers. However, one can prevent these cookies from their browser through certain options. Hence, to get detailed information regarding Cookie management, one may find it on the Browser’s respective websites.

Media Sharing Policy

If someone shares or uploads photos to our website (Pakdata CF), he/she should avoid uploading through location data that is embedded such as EXIF, or GPS. Because visitors to our websites can draw out your images through the use of location data.


Our website may ask you for your personal information to save in that include your name, email address, and other info if you leave a comment over there. However, this CNIC information System will be saved automatically for further use if you leave someone a comment in the future. Hence, such cookies will last up to around one year.

Similarly, if you visit our website's login page for using sim database online, a temporary cookie will be set for you automatically to determine whether your browser accepts it or not. Furthermore, this cookie will not contain any of your personal data and will be deleted automatically once you leave our website browser.

To whom we share your Given Data

Your IP address will be reset through your email if someone requests a password reset.

For How Long Does Our Website Retain Your Data

If someone leaves a comment on our website, we will keep your comment and its metadata for an indefinite time. Hence, this is how we hold on to you and recognize your comments through an automatic system.

In addition, for those users who log in to our website account, we save and secure their data to our user data profile system. Hence, any user can make changes to their personal Sim information at any time. Moreover, the administrator of our website can also make changes by editing your given data.

About PakDataCF

PakDataCF is a leading online platform that provides reliable and accurate tracking and verification services in Pakistan