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Following are the Terms and conditions for justifying the rules and laws for the use of sim database online our website using the URL Link https://pakdatacf.com/.

Therefore, by visiting our website, we assume that you accept our respective Terms and Conditions. Hence, if you do not agree to our Terms and Conditions on this page, you are directed to not use our servicesto get sim owner details.

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We assume for agreeing on you for our Terms and conditions while accessing our website Pakdata CF Privacy Policy document to use sim database online. The websites use the most common and collaborative cookie for retrieving the sim owner details while visiting the website each time. Our website uses several cookies to make certain functions easier for users to visit our website. Some of our partners (affiliated or advertising), also use cookies.


All intellectual property rights are reserved by the Pakdata CF. Unless it is stated otherwise, the Pakdata CF and its licensors or owners, reserved all the rights regarding intellectual property rights for all the given data on the website. One may also get access to this Pakdata CF, for your personal use for knowing the terms and conditions given by the Pakdata CF.

However, one must not:

·         Do not republish data from Pakdata CF

·         From Pakdata CF, do not sell, resent, or sublicense material

·         Do not copy, duplicate, or clone any of the material from Pakdata CF

·         Do not reconstruct or rebuild data content from Pakdata CF

We have created our page of Terms and conditions using the Template for Terms & conditions. The above agreement Dates begin hereof.

Through the use of our sim information system from our website, we also provide opportunities to use the data for the exchange and sharing of information in specific areas of websites. However, our website does not edit, publish, or change any of your content or comments before their presence on the website because the comments do not reflect or show one’s opinions regarding the website’s agents or affiliations. On the other hand, the comments do show the opinions of those who post them on the website. Hence, regarding the applicability of laws to the comments, we does not take any liability concerning the comments posted on the website thus not undertaking any damages, expenses, or sufferings as a result of posting or appearing of comments on the website.

Additionally, Pakdata CF reserves all the rights to remove the comment anytime, if we find it inappropriate or offensive and seems to be a violation of our terms and conditions.

You warrant and represent the following

·         You are directed to post the comments on our website and must have all needed licenses and consents to do so.

·         The posted comments must not validate any of the liability for intellectual property rights that includes the copyright, patent, or trademark of any of the third party sources.

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You hereby agree to grant Pakdata CF a non-exclusive license for using, reproducing, editing, and authorizing others for reuse by editing, reproducing, and editing any of your posted comments in any of the format or media forms.

Hyperlinking to our content

The following organizations might be linked to our website (Pakdata CF) without any prior written approval

·         Government related agencies

·         Various search Engines

·         News organizations

·         Distributors related to online directories may also get connected to the website by generating hyperlinks in the same way to our website as other listed websites concerning business.

·         Other charity-related business organizers including charity malls, or fundraising groups that come under non-profit organizations except those accredited businesses may not hyperlink to our website.

Hence, such types of organizations can easily get connected to our website through our homepage, or for publication or may link to other websites as long as (1) as not, in any case, misleading, (2) do not imply any false sponsorship, endorsement purpose, or approving with the linked party, regarding its products or services, (3) must get appropriately fit into the consent of linking party site.

The following are the types of organizations that we may be considering and approving for other linking requests

·         Community sites

·         Most commonly known consumers and or sources of business information

·         Those who are associated with and representing other groups of charities

·         Distributors for online directory

·         Internet portals

·         Consulting firms, including law and accounting

·         Educational institutions

·         Associations for trade businesses

Our website (Pakdata CF) will approve links to the above-mentioned organizations if we decide to manage(1) the generated link must not damage our reputation or our authorized business (2) the connected organization must not have any negative track record with us in the past (3) The gain of benefit to our website by the visibility of the generated hyperlink may reimburse the absence of Live tracker (4)The link is in the context of resource information

The above-approved organizations may link to our website as per the following instructions

·         With the use of our corporate name

·         Or with the use of a uniform resource locator that has been linked

·         With the use of any other sort of description provided by our website linked, it must make sense to our context and its format by the linking party website.


One may not create frames around pages for our websites, which may alter the physical appearance or display of our website without any prior written approval or permission.

Content Liability

Our website does not hold any responsibility related to content that might appear on your website. You must agree to safeguard and defend our sites against claims, which are appearing on your website. No links should appear on any Website that may be interpreted as libelous, obscene, or criminal, or which infringes, otherwise violates, or advocates the infringement or other violation of, any third party rights.

  1. Your Privacy
  2. Please carefully read our Privacy policy

Reservation for Rights

Our website reserves all rights concerning removing links or specific links to our website for using sim database online. Upon request, you must remove all generated links through our site immediately. We also reserve the right to change terms and conditions regarding our privacy-linking policy at any time without prior notice. Thus, by continuously linking to our websites, one must be bound to these terms and conditions agreed upon for all perspectives of this document to get sim owner details.

Removal of links from our website

If someone seems to find any link offensive or unauthentic connected to our website, they are free to contact us anytime. However, we will try to remove the link upon your request if find it unethical but we are not obligated to do so.

In addition, we are not sure how much the provided information on this site is correct and to which extent thus we do not give any warranty regarding the correctness or accuracy of the data on our website. Nor do we make any promise to ensure that content available on the website may be retained for a limited time or may get removed from the site or remain updated or not.


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