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Are you trying to locate or trace unknown callers on your cell phone? Do you need any reliable platform to fetch SIM information? Then, is one of the most trustworthy online platforms to sort out your issues regarding sim owner details. It provides an online search engine, which provides the most advanced tracking tools to track and verify sim owner details all around Pakistan. provides multi-function tools with a wide range of variety for Pakistani citizens only and will work only for registered sims by “PTA”. Following are some different service offers by “” such as Sim information system, CNIC information system, Live tracker cf, and many other facilities for info tools. In addition, the most interesting thing about our website is we provide these all facilities for free.

As a part of a digital society, we use such devices, and we all need sometimes to get data for unknown sim numbers or a person’s CNIC. However, you will be able to find many various platforms, or apps which claim to provide you with the services to provide “sim owner details”. Unfortunately, they will be not proven to be reliable sources for finding sim owner details and you may face many troubles while using such sources. On the other hand”” is the trustworthy sim database online to get sim ownership information.

Thus, you do not need to be disappointed as “” provides you with the one-in-all platform for your all problems in one place. By using our “Pak sim info” you will be able to find sim owner details by our most accurate source of sim database online, one can also search for CNIC details of an individual using the “CNIC information system”. Furthermore, you can use live tracker cf to get a location to search for your lost or stolen SIM number. The best thing that you get for a “sim information system” from our website “” is that it provides the latest and updated information for sim ownership.

Now you do not need to get details for any sim mobile number for any other places, you can get data within no time by sitting at home for free by logging into “”. On the other hand, If you approach an official way to retrieve data for sim ownership from government authority, you will need money, time as well some strong references. Alternatively, our Pak SIM data provides you with the same service for free with no protocol to follow.

Why do you need a “Live Tracker”?

There’s always a question that pops into our mind, that why we need to use the “Live tracker” when there are other options available too? Yes, there are indeed other tools available to get location, but they are not so reliable, provides a more reliable source for finding sim owner details as well as real-time location for any mobile number, which provides you the exact correct sim information without wasting your time. Sometimes, you have to pay charges for a subscription to use those platforms or need to download them. However, by using our info tools you do not need to face such troubles. Thus, we are offering Live tracker CF to our users without charging a single PKR, which provides 100% accurate data. It is easy to use, as you do need to get guidelines for using our tools. You can get sim owner details just by providing a mobile number or CNIC number to retrieve details.

How to Use “Live Tracker”?

By using our info tool for the Live Tracker, one can easily track sim owner details for any telecom network operator. Pakdata CF designs its interface for easy use for its users, so anyone can access these tools without fulfilling the need to download or install any other requirements for tracking details.

Open the official website

Using any browser, type the official address for “” in the URL space and press enter. We have set very simple criteria for using our website for info tools.

Enter Mobile Number or CNIC for “Live Tracker”

In the second step, select the option for “Live Tracker” on the home page and enter the sim number or CNIC card number for tracking details against any number for any cellular network operator.

Click on “Submit” for further proceeding

Then click or button “search”, on this website will start to search from their database to provide you with the most accurate and updated sim information of your interest.

Results will appear

After a few moments result will be shown on your device’s screen providing you with all the needed information for the number tracker service without wasting your time and effort.

How does “Live Tracker” prove to be helpful?

As we all know, mobile phones connect us to the rest of the world with a single click. The technologies we are using these days are irreplaceable. But on the one hand, they are providing so many advantages in our lives, sometimes we may come across some issues because of this technology. Hence, offers a solution to such problems. By using our “live tracker”, you will easily track the location of your lost or stolen mobile phones, you can also track your lost sim card or track your loved relations. It also helps you in various ways, as you can track your kids or family members while they are away. Or you can track and trace your old friend's details. You can track and trace details for your workers or clients to keep an eye on their activities.

In particular, it is very useful for those persons, who continuously receive unlimited calls or texts from unknown numbers, by using a “live tracker” you can easily reveal real-time information about an unknown number who is the cause of your problems. It proves to be a very powerful tool for individual or corporate use to stay safe and secure online.

Why choose “”?

You can track and trace real-time information for sim ownership for any mobile network in Pakistan, but one thing must be kept in mind the number against which you looking for details, should be a PTA registered sim card. Otherwise, our system will not be able to help with those mobile numbers that are not registered through a proper channel of PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). There are so many reasons to choose our platform for using our search engine-based info tools. Some of them are discussed below.

Skip the Downloading

To use our “sim database online”, you do not need to install anything on your device to fetch sim details. Thus, no need to change anything on your device, you just have to enter a mobile number or CNIC card number and see our sim information system works for you within seconds.

Supports all Telecom Networks

Our sim database online is compatible with almost all cellular networks running in Pakistan such as Jazz, Zong, Warid, Ufone, and Telenor.

Unlimited Number of Free Searches

Another prominent feature of our website is that there is no condition for a specific number of searches. One can look or details as many times as needed for free of cost.

Privacy policy

We do protect the rights of our users for using our web engine by facilitating with the most advanced system of encryption. Similarly, we have a strict policy regarding the use of data by our system, one must use it for legal purposes only.


In conclusion, helps you to find sim owner details for any number in Pakistan without the need to buy any subscription charges using the “sim database online”. We have a reliable sim information system that provides you with the sim information for all telecom companies' sims all around Pakistan for free of cost. We assure you provide the most accurate data as we regularly update our SIM database online so our users have the latest information. With the help of the Live Tracker, you can easily track and trace details for any sim card by providing a mobile number or CNIC card number with no specific protocol to follow. The live tracker works by using the signaling system of mobile networks, it is used to establish a connection between the device and the system so one can locate it. It provides information about the network operator, the status of the sim (whether it is active or deactivated), the location of the sim or device, and many other sim-associated details.

About PakDataCF

PakDataCF is a leading online platform that provides reliable and accurate tracking and verification services in Pakistan