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Pak sim info is a multi-purpose tool provided by Pakdata CF for various useful and functional purposes. One can search for sim information against any sim mobile number at their fingertips.  It provides various search engine tools such as  Sim owner details to check through the sim database online, CNIC information system to check sims on CNIC, live tracker to fetch real-time location, and many more useful options.

With the use of the Pak sim info tool, you can search for sim owner details of any person using the mobile number or CNIC of that person conveniently. However, that mobile number should be registered through the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Pak sim data provides services for only Pakistani mobile numbers from any city free of cost.

All Pak Sim Data

Do you want to reveal the person behind spam calls on your phone? Then Pak Sim info is the most suited option for you from every point of view. Pak Sim Data provides the sim database online, which is composed of the most comprehensive directory containing millions of numbers listing the sim details of all citizens of Pakistan.

How Can I Track my Sim Details?

With the increase in the use of mobile technology after the 2000s, to develop a sim information system. Through which we can track misuse of Sims and limit the number of illegal frauds by use of Sims. Therefore, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) develops a sim database to keep and track a record of the sim owner details.

Thus, Pakdata CF has developed its sim database online to help people resolve their troubles to get rid of unknown calls by getting their sim information. PTA also set limitations for issuing a number of sims against an individual CNIC. One can also check the number of Sims that have been activated on CNIC.

How Can I check my Sim Data Online?

Are you tired of unknown callers on your mobile phone? Then you must approach our Pak sim Info tool, by which you can easily search for sim owner details for those unknown callers within a matter of seconds just by sitting at home.

Hence, Pakdata CF gives the solution to every problem with its multiple helping tools for searching. One just needs to enter an 11-digit mobile number into our search bar and will receive sim information quickly. Our live tracker cf helps you to find location details as well as to locate your lost mobile phone or sim card.

How Do I find out who Owns a Sim Number?

One does not need any kind of learning to use a sim database online to fetch sim ownership information. You just have to follow simple steps to reveal your sim owner details for the required mobile number. Just by entering an 11-digit number for a sim, you will have results disclosing that person's information in front of your screen.

  1. Open our official website Pakdata CF.
  2. Click on the option Pak Sim Info to use our sim database online to get sim owner details.
  3. Then just enter the mobile number (for which you wish to find out their details) in a given field.
  4. soon after entering, results will appear on the screen displaying sim owner details like the name of sim owners, address, CNIC, etc).

Pak sim ga

Thus, Pak Sim ga provides various services to citizens just a step away from their fingertips. One can just avail of a variety of offers associated with a sim card to get sim owner details. Citizens can enjoy multi-purpose tools in one place conveniently. One will be able to find out all sorts of details about any sim card number within seconds, which is PTA registered in Pakistan free of any cost.

 By use of Pak sim ga users can also avail of electricity bills checker service. You can retrieve important information for the sim ownership (for any network provider) also by using of CNIC information system for any person who lives in Pakistan.

Live Tracker

In addition to these services, you can also do tracking sim details with our wide range of trackers such as live tracker cf. By which you will be able to track and trace the exact location of that sim card or mobile device to find it.

Moreover, you can also check the status of your domicile certificate with our domicile info tool for easiness just by sitting at home. Finally, not least of all, by use of our bill checker tool, you can easily check electricity bills with convenience. All-inclusive, Paksim ga provides useful and powerful info tools for keeping in view our users ' ease to access sim information easier and quicker.


In conclusion, there are many available tools online for checking sim owner details, among which Pak Sim Data is the most suitable and reliable. They provide several search engine tools, like a live tracker cf, sim information system, CNIC information system, and Pak Sim info. These all tools are free to use at any time, from any city in Pakistan. We assure to provide accurate sim owner details against numbers as our sim database online is safely authorized by PTA services.  

There are several other ways to check sim owner details, but one must choose the method wisely, keeping in view their data safety from third-party interference or cookies. Hence, Pakdata CF ensures you protect the user’s data that one enters on our website for using our sim database online.

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