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In today’s digital technology era, the use of smartphones has become essential for everyone even for kids. Thus, it has become a need for everyone in today's world the use internet technology, smartphones, and SIM cards for communication reasons and entertainment. Sim databse online offered by Pakdata CF is the most reliable source to get sim owner details.

What is meant by Sim Database online?

Sim database online is a consolidated system that stores sim information regarding all sim users and manages it in a regular system by Sim information system. It comprises all important sim owner details, that one can retrieve with just one click. The sim database online serves as a repository for sim database online, that stores mobile numbers, cellular network providers, IMEI numbers, and other user information.

 Thus, this sim database online ensures to provide rotation, and security to the rights of mobile users in order to provide a shield against frauds inked with the use of sim cards. Pakdata CF offers a sim database online to provide services related to sim owner details to search for unknown numbers.

What information Can be stored on SIM?

A sim card (subscriber identity module), holds essential information for the sim owner. This sim information includes the name of the sim cardholder, their addresses, other contact information, CNIC number, and some other sim owner details.

Thus, to manage and organize all such data becomes necessary to control the flow of use of SIM cards in a particular state. Hence, in Pakistan on a government level, all sim database is controlled by PTA and mobile network operators to keep a check on the activity of sim cardholders activities or for other important reasons.

How does the sim database online work in a flow?

Pakdata CF gives a one-platform service to all users associated with sim owner details in one place with multiple uses. Here, you can get comprehensive information for sim owner details for free of cost by using of sim database online. Yes, it's true, Pakdata CF, does not charge a single rupee from their users to retrieve sim information from our sim database online.

Our sim information system consists of all Pakistani mobile numbers and their ownership details in a systematic system. We have managed our sim database from various reliable sources to collect sim owner data thus providing our users with the best sim ownership details. We have gathered all the sim database online from sources of government regulatory authorities, mobile network operators, and also from private sources like social media sites, etc.

How can I check sim number in Pakistan?

Whoever visits our website tends to get sim owner details from the sim database online, need to enter a mobile number (11-digit), and will get sim owner information on their screens instantly as a result. Our sim database online provides the most accurate results for sim owner details associated with sim numbers. The best thing about using our Pakdata CF platform is it can be used by both individuals as well as by business corporates to take benefit. Yes, anyone can take advantage of our sim database online for the purpose of good only.

What benefits you can get by using Pak Sim data?

One can take advantage of using Pakdata CF to get access to the sim database online for free, yes, you do not need to pay any cost to get sim owner details. Some of the pros are discussed below for using our sim database online to fetch sim information:

Quicker & easier

It is a method that does not require time to show you the sim owner details using the sim database online. That means one can get the required information for any mobile number (no matter to which network operator it is connected) within a few seconds, saving time and money.

Free of cost

Another key feature of Pakdata CF is that any citizen from any city in Pakistan can use their info tools at any time without any limitations and conditions. Can you trace a sim card number? Yes, offcourse, you can trace a number by our live tracker.

No need to download any software

The chief feature of using our Pakdata CF is to get access to their sim database online free. Individuals do not need to make any changes to their devices for the installation of any kind of software for using our info tools. Similarly, one can use them from any device such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, or Apple devices, and can get sim owner details.

Safety & security

As the sim database online provides very sensitive and vital information, thus before getting it one must think of privacy concerns. However, Paksim ga provides constraints for keeping data secure and safe.

Moreover, we ensure our users that whatever they do on our website to get the sim database online, all the procedures are safe and protected by our updated encryption system.

Guidelines for using SIM database online

If you are an IT or an expert, you just have to follow very simple steps to perform for reaching our sim database online without making any special efforts.

Step No 1: open our website Pakdata CF, on the web browser in the URL bar and press enter.

Step No 2: now, click on sim database online from our official homepage to get sim owner details.

Step No 3: Then, type mobile number or CNIC card number (it is optional) in the given box. However, type CNIC without hyphens or mobile numbers in a given format. In the end, press submit.

Step No 4: now just wait for a while, to get results for sim information about the mobile number you have entered.


Pakdata CF provides the most advanced way of getting sim owner details from their comprehensive web directory for sim database online. Is it a free tool to use for the sim database online? Yes, it is completely free to use our sim database online to fetch sim information from anywhere in Pakistan. It is the most authentic way to get sim owner details. On the other hand, it also offers so many other info tools, including the sim system information, live tracker cf tools for tracking a location, CNIC information system to check sims on CNIC, and many more options to get sim details and to track details for any person in Pakistan with the use of a mobile number of the identity card number. 

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